Preparing Your Home For Sale

  • Professional Inspection:  Buyers will usually have their own inspection done, but it’s useful for you to pay for an inspection before you put your house on the market. It can help you uncover any defects so that you know what exactly what you’re selling and have time to make any repairs.
  • Fix-ups. There is practically no house that could not use some quick maintenance to make sure it looks well-cared for and leaves fewer items for a home inspector to focus on.
  • Painting:  A new paint job is one of most cost-effective ways of freshening your house up, inside and out. If you’ve recently painted, this is less important — though if your color choices were bold or unique, you might want to tone them down with some crowd-pleasing neutrals. Your stager, if you hire one (see below) can help advise on the best colors.
  • Window cleaning: Clean and shiny windows make a surprisingly huge difference to buyer perceptions. Hiring someone will cost a few hundred dollars, depending on the size and height of your home.
  • Roof repair or replacement:  Getting a Roof inspected and certified will bring your new buyer to the table sooner and with more money.
  • Landscaping: Buyers are increasingly interested in the state of your garden. If it’s already fully planted, you’ll want to hire someone (or put in some sweat equity) to get it raked, pruned, and otherwise tidied up. If the area hasn’t already been landscaped, plan to add some new greenery and flowering plants. (By the way, if you plant in containers, you can take the containers with you when you move — unless they’re so big or incorporated into the property as to be considered “fixtures.”) Many sellers simply put in new sod -but do the buyers a favor and don’t leave the plastic mesh backing on it, in case the buyers want to replace it with something more interesting and environmentally friendly
  • Staging Your Home:  Staging your home, or having a decorator help de-clutter, reorganize, refurnish and add some decorative touches after you’ve moved your stuff out, can help impress buyers in a big way. Expect to pay a professional home stager a few thousand dollars for their services – worth every penny.